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[DIR] Site Map & Full Archive Index/ 23-04-2013 11:55   138k   Complete site map and full index of the documents below
[DIR] Interesting UK historical Information/ 25-08-2013 19:19   2.4M   Selected medieval historical notes, tables and references

[DIR] Hyatt, Rev. John/ 22-05-2013 14:57   20.6M   Letters, documents and notes regarding the Reverend John Hyatt 1767-1826
[DIR] Bunhill Fields cemetery/ 21-04-2010 20:55   38M   Biography of Rev John Hyatt from "Bunhill Fields" by Alfred W Light (1913)

[DIR] Hyatt, Stanley Portal/ 25-04-2010 12:48   187M   Biographies, Documents, Census returns and a copies of all his famous books

[DIR] Hyatt, Arthur William (to USA)/ 22-08-2013 23:06   9.4M   From debtors prison, he emigrated to USA 1841 to serve in the Confederate army
[DIR] Hyatt, Edgar Clarence (to USA)/ 23-04-2010 18:31   2.7M   Documents relating to his 1928 emigration to the USA with the Salvation Army
[DIR] Hyatt, Elijah Clarence (to USA)/ 23-04-2010 18:33   4.9M   Correspondence to our family in 1884 from NY, USA re genealogy queries
[DIR] Walton, Edward G. (to USA)/ 27-06-2010 11:54   2.8M   Letters and documents relating to Edward G. Walton, Brooklyn, NY, 1889

[DIR] Hyatt, Virginia Viola (USA)/ 20-08-2013 19:21   6.2M   Testimony and newspaper cuttings of this infamous Axe Murderer, USA 1959
[DIR] The Red Barn Murder/ 20-08-2013 19:21   141M   Documents relating to the infamous Suffolk murder of Maria Marten in 1828

[DIR] The Hyatt Trimming Company History/ 25-05-2013 14:24   4.4M   Notes and Photographs relating to the Hyatt Trimming Company 1740-1964
[DIR] The Hyatt Hotel chain History/ 22-12-2014 20:24   4.4M   Notes relating to the Hyatt Hotel chain (not ours)

[DIR] Hyatt, Australian deportation records/   20-04-2010 11:54   5.6M   Selected Hyatts listed as deported from UK by county courts 1814-1851
[DIR] Hyatt, passengers into UK/ 21-04-2010 20:09   4.6M   Various arrivals by ship of related Hyatt family members 1879-1925

[DIR] Hyatt, Census relevant to this tree/ 22-04-2010 17:54   168M   Selected UK Census returns 1841-1911 relevant to this genealogy
[DIR] Hyatt, complete English BMD/ 22-04-2010 18:22   911K   Full BMD records for English Hyatt's, 1621-1999 transcribed by C & RM Hyatt
[DIR] Hyatt, UK proven Wills/ 21-04-2010 20:11   812K   Extracted records of all UK Hyatt's (and derivations) proven wills 1728-1968
[DIR] Hyatt, in trade directories/ 22-04-2011 13:41   2.6M   Selected trade directory entries relevant to this genealogy
[DIR] Hyatt, Newspaper clippings/ 21-04-2010 20:12   59M   Extracts from the London Times and the London Gazette relevant to this genealogy

[DIR] Hyatt, Somerset notes/ 25-04-2010 13:24   463K   Selected notes from our Hyatt archive relating to Somerset, England
[DIR] Sherborne, Bishops Transcripts/ 20-04-2010 11:55   99K   Partial Bishops records transcripts for Sherborne, Dorset, England 1695-1749
[DIR] Surman's non-conformist Index/ 17-07-2012 20:10   637K   Various Hyatt's from Charles Surman's card index of Congregational ministers.
[DIR] Miscellaneous Odds and ends/ 25-04-2010 13:26   9.8M   Selected miscellaneous documents and notes, relevant to Hyatt, Brand & Cashmore

[DIR] Waskett, (Essex) UK BMD/ 21-04-2010 20:54   36K   Extracted BMD records for selected UK Wasketts, 1542-1979

[DIR] Westcombe, various documents/ 21-04-2010 20:52   8.6M   Original documents by Dodderidge and Leach listing the early Westcombe lines

[DIR] PDF presentation forms/ 18-01-2013 21:22   272M   A PDF collection of coloured forms, templates and posters for publishing your tree
[DIR] Various maps, old and new/ 25-04-2010 13:12   170M   Various interesting maps acquired over the years of our research

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