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[TXT] Waskett Burials 1542-1945.txt 21-Jun-2010 20:10   4.6K   Essex Burials 1542-1945
[TXT] Waskett Marriages 1835-1979.txt     21-Jun-2010 20:10   1.3K   Essex Marriages 1835-1979
[TXT] Waskett Births 1555-1861.txt 21-Jun-2010 20:10   2.1K   London Births 1555-1861
[TXT] Waskett BMD 1683-1878.txt 21-Jun-2010 20:10   1.2K   Other counties BMD 1683-1878

[PDF] James Kelly.pdf 21-Jun-2010 20:54   27K   Born about 1831, Kildare, descendant chart

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