Adnams, Frederic Smith

Birth Name Adnams, Frederic Smith
Gramps ID 373117648
Gender male
Age at Death 88 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0074] 1821 THATCHAM Berkshire England  
Death [E0075] 1909    
Occupation [E0076]   Stationer, Printer, Postmaster


    Family of Adnams, Frederic Smith and Shaw, Amelia Letitia [240]
Married Wife Shaw, Amelia Letitia [373117649]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5124] 5 May 1845 Congregational Church, Reading, Berkshire  
  1. Adnams, John Edward [373106978]
  2. Adnams, Alfred [373118453]
  3. Adnams, Elizabeth [373118515]
  4. Adnams, Florence [373118581]


In 1851, Frederic was living at 9 Northbrook st, Newbury. He was a successful Printer, employing 3 men. By 1881, living at West side, Style hill, Greenham, Newbury south and he was a Postmaster. In 1891, Frederick lived at 1 Park Villas, Speen, Berkshire. One servant listed, Mary Hamblin 35yrs, Domestic. By the age of 70yrs he was living as a Widow, alone, boarding at the "Catherine Wheel Inn", 35 Cheap st. Newbury, working as a Thatchers Labourer.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633482917


    1. Adnams, Frederic Smith
      1. Shaw, Amelia Letitia [373117649]
        1. Adnams, Alfred [373118453]
        2. Adnams, Elizabeth [373118515]
        3. Adnams, Florence [373118581]
        4. Adnams, John Edward [373106978]