Tandy, Elizabeth

Birth Name Tandy, Elizabeth
Gramps ID 375157878
Gender female
Age at Death about 73 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0231] about 1883 LEICESTER Leicestershire England  
Death [E0232] 1956    
Occupation [E0233]   Hosiery Cutter


    Family of Cashmore, George Robert Matthias and Tandy, Elizabeth [10]
Married Husband Cashmore, George Robert Matthias [375157877]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5607] 10 September 1904 Leicester  
  1. Cashmore, Iris [I1262]
  2. Cashmore, Gladys [I1253]
  3. Cashmore, George N [375156665]
  4. Cashmore, Leslie [I1254]
  5. Cashmore, Harold [I1255]
  6. Cashmore, Dennis [I1256]
  7. Cashmore, Cyril [I1257]
  8. Cashmore, Francis [I1258]
  9. Cashmore, Thomas [I1259]
  10. Cashmore, Arthur [I1260]
  11. Cashmore, Ona [I1261]


Elizabeth Tandy was a cleaner at the Palace Theatre Leicester. She used to take me with her now and then. Everyone loved her. She was such a tiny lady 4ft 5ins. The family were showmen traveling the country with different fairs but based in Leicester in the winter months.
- Susan Corbet


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483026


    1. Tandy, Elizabeth
      1. Cashmore, George Robert Matthias [375157877]
        1. Cashmore, Gladys [I1253]
        2. Cashmore, Leslie [I1254]
        3. Cashmore, Harold [I1255]
        4. Cashmore, Dennis [I1256]
        5. Cashmore, Cyril [I1257]
        6. Cashmore, Francis [I1258]
        7. Cashmore, Thomas [I1259]
        8. Cashmore, Arthur [I1260]
        9. Cashmore, Ona [I1261]
        10. Cashmore, Iris [I1262]
        11. Cashmore, George N [375156665]