Hackett, Albert John Arthur

Birth Name Hackett, Albert John Arthur
Nick Name Jack
Gramps ID I1526
Gender male
Age at Death 91 years, 7 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1589] 11 May 1913 Alexandria, Egypt  
Death [E1590] 1 January 2005    


    Family of Hackett, Albert John Arthur and Mcnamara, Nellie Evelyn [F0523]
Married Wife Mcnamara, Nellie Evelyn [I1525]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5291] 1939 Kingswood, Bristol, Avon  
  1. Hackett, Robert [I1527]
  2. Hackett, Nigel [I1528]
  3. Hackett, Geoffrey [I1529]


Albert was a regular soldier, married just before WWII started . Jack got sent to Africa and Nelly and her son Bobby lived with June in Earnestville Rd in Fishponds. Jack was a POW, he escaped and made it back home when Robert was 3.

Info sent to me by Elaine Smith 05/12/2009:
Albert was my father-in-law, fondly known as Jack. His birth is registered May 11 1913 Cairo Egypt, page 632 in the overseas births in the records of the GPO in England. He married Nellie Evelyne MacNamara in 1939 at Kingswood Bristol England. They had three sons Robert 1941-2009, Nigel 1944 and Geoffrey 1950. Jack died January 2005. He was a POW in the 2nd world war, but escaped, he did not get to see Robert till he was 3. Jack married Jenny in 1986 on Jennys 70th birthday, Jenny is still alive and living in Hanham Bristol England. I was married to Nigel and we immigrated to Australia in 1971, we have three children, Stuart 1970, Paul 1972 and Debbie in 1974 also three grandchildren and live in West Australia.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483929


    1. Hackett, Albert John Arthur
      1. Mcnamara, Nellie Evelyn [I1525]
        1. Hackett, Robert [I1527]
        2. Hackett, Nigel [I1528]
        3. Hackett, Geoffrey [I1529]