Sidall, William 1

Birth Name Sidall, William
Gramps ID I2342
Gender male
Age at Death 22 years, 2 months, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E5111] 1831 Higham, Derby, England  
Death [E5112] 14 March 1853 Geelong West, Greater Geelong, Victoria, Australia  


    Family of Sidall, William and Askew, Ann [F0011]
Married Wife Askew, Ann [I0998]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5629] 1852 St. Catherine, Chesterfield, Derbyshire  


St. Catherine's B,D&M records (Marriages Volume 7b, Page 807).

They travelled on the" Jas. Carson" to Australia in 1852, and also confirms his age of 22 years, at the time of his death in Geelong in 1853. Their intention being to meet up with Ann's brother Thomas and half-sister Mary in Geelong, Victoria. They disembarked at Port "B" in the Port Phillip district in October 1852. The shipping record gives Ann Askew/Siddall's age as 20 years, her occupation as Agricultural Labourer and her origin as English. William Siddall is described as 21 years, Labourer, and English.

The "Jas Carson", sailed under Patrick Agnew (Master), was a vessel of 1189 tons, licenced to carry 392 passengers. It sailed from Liverpool with a passenger list comprising 358 adults (316 male, 42 female), 15 children (10 male, 5 female) and 3 female babies. Of the total of 376 souls, 198 were English, 144 were "Scotch", 25 were Irish, and 9 Others.

On 6 January 1853, William and Ann Siddall attended the wedding of Ann's half-sister Mary Askew, at Christ Church, Geelong. Ann Siddall was named as one of the witnesses, the other being Thomas Askew, Mary Askew's half-brother.

he was buried in the Parish of Christ Church. Record CF 24676 of the Victorian Pioneers Index 1837-1888 for 1853 gives his name as William Siddall, states that his father and mother were unknown, and that he died at the age of 22 whilst resident at Ashby. His burial certificate gives the further information that he was was a Farmer, and that he died on 13 March 1853 and was buried on 14 March 1853. Ashby is the old suburb to the north of Chilwell, now known as Geelong West. The Geelong Cemetery Records have an entry for William Sidall, who was buried in the Church of England (older Area) of the Geelong Eastern Cemetery (Register No.110930). He died on 13/03/1853 and was buried on 14/03/1853.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 634976697


    1. Sidall, William
      1. Askew, Ann [I0998]

Source References

  1. Russell Hudson [S0069]