Sayer, Susanna

Birth Name Sayer, Susanna
Gramps ID I0065
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0598] 4 September 1743 Capel Dorking Surrey  


    Family of Songhurst, Richard and Sayer, Susanna [F0065]
Married Husband Songhurst, Richard [I0382]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5217] 17 October 1741 Rusper St Mary Magdelene, Sussex  
  1. Songhurst, Richard [I0418]


Notes from Pauline del Bono to follow up:
Emma Cleobury said her father was George Sayars b c1720 Capel. Archdeaconry Court of Surrey Testator: George Sawyers of Capel Date of Will: 30 June 1782 To William Chesman of Ridge, Capel all my goods for the use of my wife Mary Sawyers for life and thento my son William Sawyers paying to my son George twenty pounds and twenty pounds to my daughter Susanna Songhurst wife of Richard Songhurst; my wife and Richard Chesman Executors Witnesses: Richard Blissard; Peter Weller; Edward Boreman Proved: 29 November 1782 to Executors Mary Sayer otherwise Sawyers and William Cheesman otherwise Chesman DW/PA/7/31 ff178-9; DW/PA/5/1782/30 (Died this year)


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483271


    1. Sayer, Susanna
      1. Songhurst, Richard [I0382]
        1. Songhurst, Richard [I0418]