Bisseker, Mary

Birth Name Bisseker, Mary
Gramps ID I1242
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1432] 1866 WEST BROMWICH West Midlands England  


    Family of Cashmore, John Garrett and Bisseker, Mary [F0445]
Unknown Partner Cashmore, John Garrett [I1241]
  1. Cashmore, Sarah [I1277]
  2. Cashmore, Maud [I1283]
  3. Cashmore, Arthur [I2021]
  4. Cashmore, Harold [I2022]
  5. Cashmore, Pricilla [I1287]
  6. Cashmore, Charles [I1286]
  7. Cashmore, Lydia [I1281]
  8. Cashmore, Mary [I1282]
  9. Cashmore, Walter [I1284]
  10. Cashmore, Rose [I1285]


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483808


    1. Bisseker, Mary
      1. Cashmore, John Garrett [I1241]
        1. Cashmore, Sarah [I1277]
        2. Cashmore, Lydia [I1281]
        3. Cashmore, Mary [I1282]
        4. Cashmore, Maud [I1283]
        5. Cashmore, Walter [I1284]
        6. Cashmore, Rose [I1285]
        7. Cashmore, Charles [I1286]
        8. Cashmore, Pricilla [I1287]
        9. Cashmore, Arthur [I2021]
        10. Cashmore, Harold [I2022]