Vice, John

Birth Name Vice, John
Gramps ID I1268
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1439] 1811    
Occupation [E1440]   Butcher


    Family of Vice, John and Unknown, Selina [F0451]
Unknown Partner Unknown, Selina [I1267]
  1. Vice, Maria [375158631]
  2. Vice, Emma [I2135]
  3. Vice, Charles Henry [I2131]
  4. Vice, Selina [I2132]
  5. Vice, John Hermon [I2134]
  6. Vice, Annie Eliza [I2125]
  7. Vice, George Lucas [I2126]


The following may or MAY NOT refer to THIS John Vice:

He came to Coventry in 1826 and joined the city's police force in March 11th 1836, just 4 days after it's inauguration. His weekly salary was 14/- and was one of 20 constables sworn in to keep the peace under the eye of a sergeant who was formerly a bow street runner. He served 20 years and attained the rank of Chief Inspector before retiring to take up a position as a bailiff of the county court, where he remained for 30 years until 75, being the oldest and longest serving court administrator to the judges. He died in 1899. He was the first policeman to be made a Chief Inspector in Coventry, and after just 12 years' service. His retirement from the police was regarded as a promotion by the Watch Committee who regarded his knowledge of court proceedings more beneficial to the High Bailiff.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483814


    1. Vice, John
      1. Unknown, Selina [I1267]
        1. Vice, Annie Eliza [I2125]
        2. Vice, George Lucas [I2126]
        3. Vice, Charles Henry [I2131]
        4. Vice, Selina [I2132]
        5. Vice, John Hermon [I2134]
        6. Vice, Emma [I2135]
        7. Vice, Maria [375158631]