Horton, John Cooper

Birth Name Horton, John Cooper
Gramps ID I0112
Gender male
Age at Death 43 years, 3 months, 17 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0654] 1760    
Death [E0655] 18 April 1803    
Occupation [E0656]   Solicitor


    Family of Horton, John Cooper and Unknown, Mary [F0106]
Unknown Partner Unknown, Mary [I0117]
  1. Horton, Mary Ann [I0269]


Old Bailey Sessions:

The Information of John Cooper Horton , at No. 11 in Mount Street Grosvenor Square Gentleman , John Piddington one of the Patrol of Saint George Hanover Square , Taken before me this 9th. day of October 1786

Who being upon oath say, and first the said John Cooper Horton saith, that the two Bed Curtains, and two Pair of Breeches now produced are his Property and were Stolen at the Time of the Fire in Vine Street on Monday the 2nd of October Instant, John Piddington for himself says that the two Best Curtains and two Pair of Breeches now produced he found [..] [..] Conceal'd in a Chest at the Prisoner Henry Young's Lodgings in Eaton Street Pimlico

Sworn before me this 9th day of October 1786
Sampn Wright


The Gentleman's Magazine.
In South Audley Street, Mr John Cooper Horton formerly of Watling hill Sussex, 17 years a faithful and active affiliate in the service of Edward Boodle esq an eminent solicitor of 10 Lower Brook street. This gentleman's life and death are proof how much integrity good nature and good manners endear us to society, for he lived respected and consequently died regretted by all who knew him During his illness which was of several months continuance. His friends vied with each other in their endeavours to alleviate his sufferings by their attentions towards him but particularly the gentleman in whose service he had for long been. He was also attended during the whole time and to his last moment by an only daughter with a fortitude and perseverance which must have been prompted by the highest state of filial affection and continued by a truly religious sense of duty.


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633483304


    1. Horton, John Cooper
      1. Unknown, Mary [I0117]
        1. Horton, Mary Ann [I0269]