Vice, Maria

Birth Name Vice, Maria
Gramps ID 375158631
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2210] 1841 Coventry, Warwickshire  
Baptism [E2211] 11 February 1841 Holy Trinity, Coventry  
Occupation [E2212]   Silk Winder


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Vice, John [I1268]
Mother Unknown, Selina [I1267]
    Sister     Vice, Annie Eliza [I2125]
    Brother     Vice, George Lucas [I2126]
    Brother     Vice, Charles Henry [I2131]
    Sister     Vice, Selina [I2132]
    Brother     Vice, John Hermon [I2134]
    Sister     Vice, Emma [I2135]
         Vice, Maria [375158631]


    Family of Cashmore, John Garrett and Vice, Maria [46]
Married Husband Cashmore, John Garrett [375158630]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E5517] 19 August 1858 St Thomas, Coventry  
  1. Cashmore, John Garrett [I1241]
  2. Cashmore, Joseph Henry [I1243]
  3. Cashmore, George Robert Mathias [375158371]
  4. Cashmore, Albert Edward [I1245]
  5. Cashmore, Alfred O [I1246]
  6. Cashmore, William [I1247]
  7. Cashmore, Sarah [I1249]


Baptism, Freereg FileNumber 8894

County Warwickshire
Place Coventry
Church St Thomas
RegisterNumber 222
MarriageDate 09 Aug 1858
GroomForename John Garrett
GroomSurname CASHMORE
GroomCondition Bachelor
GroomOccupation Artist
GroomAbode Spon End
BrideForename Maria
BrideSurname VICE
BrideAge 18
BrideCondition Spinster
BrideOccupation Silk Winder
BrideAbode Spon End
GroomFatherForename Joseph Henry
GroomFatherSurname CASHMORE
GroomFatherOccupation Gun maker
BrideFatherForename John
BrideFatherSurname VICE
BrideFatherOccupation Butcher
WitnessOneForename William
WitnessOneSurname HASWELL
WitnessTwoForename Anne
WitnessTwoSurname HARRIS
Notes Banns:Groom Full Age
FileNumber 8733


Type Value Notes Sources
RFN 633484380


  1. Vice, John [I1268]
    1. Unknown, Selina [I1267]
      1. Vice, Maria
        1. Cashmore, John Garrett [375158630]
          1. Cashmore, John Garrett [I1241]
          2. Cashmore, Joseph Henry [I1243]
          3. Cashmore, Albert Edward [I1245]
          4. Cashmore, Alfred O [I1246]
          5. Cashmore, William [I1247]
          6. Cashmore, Sarah [I1249]
          7. Cashmore, George Robert Mathias [375158371]
      2. Vice, Emma [I2135]
      3. Vice, Charles Henry [I2131]
      4. Vice, Selina [I2132]
      5. Vice, John Hermon [I2134]
      6. Vice, Annie Eliza [I2125]
      7. Vice, George Lucas [I2126]