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[IMG] Arthur Waskett.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:55   387K   Died 1926, Leyton, Essex
[IMG] Caroline Waskett.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:55   420K   Died 1931, Chelmsford, Essex
[IMG] Charles Waskett d1917-19.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:56   431K   Died 1917-19, Crouch End, Middlesex, on active service
[IMG] Dame Jane Waskett Myers.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:56   334K   Died 1858, South Lambeth, Surrey
[IMG] Elizabeth Waskett.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:56   323K   Died 1897, Kilburn, Middlesex
[IMG] Fanny Waskett.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:56   401K   Died 1929, Eastbourne, East Sussex
[IMG] Frederick AND James Waskett (1).jpeg     24-Aug-2010 19:56   448K   Died 1932, Essex and Suffolk
[IMG] Frederick AND James waskett (2).jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:57   448K   Died 1932, Essex and Suffolk
[IMG] Harriet Waskett.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:56   361K   Died 1895, Hastings, East Sussex
[IMG] James Waskett.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:56   343K   Died 1873, Chelmsford, Essex
[IMG] Sarah Waskett.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:57   304K   Died 1893, Chignal Smedley, Essex
[IMG] Sarah Waskett.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:57   453K   Died 1923, Aldeborough, Suffolk
[IMG] William Waskett d1892.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:57   301K   Died 1892, Islington, Middlesex
[IMG] William Waskett.jpeg 24-Aug-2010 19:57   408K   Died 1935, Forest Gate, Essex

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